Tenkara Floating Line & Tenkara Nymphing Line

Tenkara Floating Line & Tenkara Nymphing Line 
RIGS Fly Shop, located in Ridgway Colorado, is pleased to announce the release of two NEW & IMPROVED Tenkara Lines.  Combining a mix of traditional Tenkara methods and the best of western fly fishing tactics, RIGS now offers two distinctly different versions of our Tenkara Lines to the quiver: Floating Tenkara Line are available for purchase at RIGS Online Store.

Is this really “true” Tenkara fishing line or what?
As Colorado’s first Tenkara USA Dealer & Tenkara Guide Network guide service (and still ONLY – as of this BLOG), we’ve had the unique opportunity to experience a wide range of customer interaction regarding what makes the Tenkara method resonate with them.  Ironically, one of the most common topics of discussion has been how Tenkara Anglers (both new and experienced) regard traditional techniques vs. the progression of non-traditional Tenkara techniques.  Though opinions vary slightly, an overwhelming majority of folks in our shop seem to gravitate towards an open-ended interpretation; allowing for the influence of familiar western techniques along with traditional Tenkara methods.  Perhaps it’s just what they’re familiar with, or perhaps it’s because people are hesitant to abandon what’s worked well for them in the past – either way, evolution, and adaptation are good things – right?

Another commonly asked question I get is:  “Do I have to use traditional Tenkara Flies, or will any fly work?”  Since we want our customers to be successful on the water and can’t tell a lie, you can guess what my answer is.  Traditionalists scoff if you will, but with the unique demands (tailwater fisheries, finicky aquatic insect hatches, run-off and winter conditions, etc.) that Colorado presents, anglers must adapt in order to be successful on Colorado’s best-known trout streams.  Although, I too am a believer that “it’s not as much about the fly as it is the angler” philosophy, I’ve found that a combination of methods is what’s most successful on the water.
These are just a few of the reasons why RIGS has invested so much energy creating what we believe are innovative and accessible products to help progress Tenkara in exciting new directions.  Listed below, is a complete summary of our NEW Tenkara Floating Line & Tenkara Nymphing Line:

RIGS Floating Tenkara Line

RIGS Floating Tenkara Line was designed with some deliberate applications in mind: windy conditions, dry fly drifts and still water presentation.   Our improved Transitional Loop connection and new HI-Viz taper will turn over a five-foot section of tippet with ease, while the floating line section offers the finest buoyant coating and floating line technology available.  RIGS Hand Tied Floating Tenkara Line allows anglers to combine traditional Tenkara fly fishing techniques with the best of western tactics – a progressive blend of efficiency.

Two Floating Tenkara Line options are available:  12’ and a 15’ foot length for a longer cast and presentation. *Tippet ring can be easily removed for more delicate presentation and drag-free drift with smaller fly patterns.

RIGS Tenkara Nymphing Line

RIGS Tenkara Nymphing Line is not just another Level Line, rather a depth control indicator system designed for fishing sub-surface weighted nymphs on larger streams.  The Hi-Viz Indicator Sections, coupled with clear running line sections, allow for maximum depth control and added strike detection without sacrificing visibility. Our Hand Tied 100% Fluorocarbon Tenkara Nymphing Lines, with added Tippet Ring and Transition Loop, offer Tenkara anglers a more effective and convenient line management system when deep nymphing is required.
We believe the 12′ 6″ length is a great all-around length, but if you need a longer line simply remove the lines transition loop, add your desired length of Tenkara USA level line of the same diameter, and re-tie the transitional loop back onto the line.
To learn more about RIGS Tenkara Floating Line & Tenkara Nymphing Line, visit the RIGS Online Store, or call the Fly Shop directly at 970-626-4460.

Short History – In June of 2012 RIGS introduced two new hand-tied tenkara lines. Our first rendition was the 14 ft Hand-tied Multicolored Hi-Viz Nymphing Level line with a Tippet Ring; what we thought was a perfect line for nymphing with a tenkara rod.  This Line is a #3.5 and is amazing for nymphing or Czech nymphing on an ITO, AYU, or IWANA.  Combined with a Tippet Ring that comes on the line made it easy and quick to attach your tippet.  Multicolored sections made depth control a breeze when nymphing and Czech nymphing. We quickly started revisions after using it with various rods to refine the design and improve the casting experience. During that time we were also excited to be the first to offer a Floating tenkara line 12 ft with a Hi-Viz section for an indicator for dry fly fishing.  The Floating Tenkara Line with Hi-Viz will layout better than any Level line out there; great for windy conditions and loads the rod very nicely. We added a braided loop to the line and a tippet ring attached to the indicator section for easier rigging. Our line remains an ideal approach for any of the tenkara rods with a 6:4 ratio or higher if you are looking for a familiar approach to western fishing but love the simplicity of the tenkara rod. Over the years we have also taken on the custom side of line making. Need a specific length? We can also custom make any length to your rod’s desire. Just call the shop.