Tenkara Fishing in Alpine Lakes

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Tenkara Bum and Jason Klass of Tenkara Talk are one of our favorite resources in the tenkara blog realm and gear reviews. With high alpine streams in run-off mode, lake fishing can offer a great alternative when your favorite river is chocolate milk. Though many high alpine lakes will still have ice, low elevation lakes are the perfect place to fish while you wait for things to clear. This was a great blog article done by Jason Klass for Tenkara Bum. Hope you enjoy!

Tenkara Fishing in Alpine Lakes by Jason Klass

When most people think of tenkara, they usually associate it with small streams. And rightfully so. Tenkara is an ideal style for surgically fishing the diverse structures of small streams. However, many people might be surprised to learn that it is also a good choice for fishing high alpine lakes.
Fishing these remote lakes often happens on overnight or multi-day backpacking trips and the compact design and lack of reel make tenkara rods a great choice for the weight-conscious backpacker. Plus, the longer 12-15 ft. rod length helps too!
But you might be wondering how a fixed-line rod with limited casting distance could possibly be used in lake fishing. After all, lakes are much bigger than small streams and there’s much more water to cover. You need to be able to make long casts when you’re lake fishing, right?
To understand why tenkara fishing in alpine lakes actually does work, you first have to understand a fundamental difference between how fish behave in streams vs. how they behave in lakes.   Continue reading….
Approaching a beautiful high mountain lake