TENKARA: High Country Perfection!

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High country tenkara with RIGS gives you the opportunity to learn or expand your existing knowledge of tenkara in some of the most beautiful backcountry waters in the SW Colorado region.

Tenkara, the traditional Japanese method of fixed-line fly fishing, is the perfect high country tool for high, wild trout streams! Our local streams in the northern San Juan Mountains and the Cimarron Range are in post-runoff mode now, and it’s the best time of the year to visit them.

Colorado Tenkara guided trips

Tenkara full-day and multiday trips give you a greater opportunity to learn more about the tenkara approach and why it has become a staple for hikers, bikers and high country fishermen.

Whether you are looking to book a guided Tenkara trip, or to explore remote water on your own, now is the time to be in the high country with this simplified method of fly fishing. Our local mountains experienced a late runoff season during good snowpack year; most of the streams and rivers cleared about two weeks later than lower elevations. What this means to fly anglers is a season that will go that much later into the summer and early fall. Good hatches of midges and PMDs are coming off daily, and the drakes will pick up as well. We have also had really good luck fishing hoppers on a RIGS floating Tenkara line, even on smaller streams in the meadows. Traditional Tenkara patterns like sakasa kebari and amano kebari are producing trout in both mid-current pockets and edge pockets alike.

Visit the fully-stocked Tenkara display at our shop in Ridgway, and talk with our professional Tenkara guides. Check out the following guided Tenkara trips on our website at www.fishrigs.com:

½ day Tenkara (walk-wade)
Full-day high country Tenkara (walk-wade)
2-day overnight high country Tenkara