Spring Fly Fishing Conditions

Got the spring fly fishing itch?  Need a ski break while in Telluride?

RIGS guided fly fishing trips during the early spring months (March & April) offer some outstanding options.  Pre-run-off is a period in our fly fishing season when our rivers are not yet off-color/too high, temperatures are warm, crowds are low and trout are active.   In addition, tail-water sections will not be affected by pre-run-off, so our most popular sections for this time of year are Drift Boat Float Fishing or Walk Wade trips on the Lower Gunnison River or Walk Wade Trips on the Uncompahgre River including our Premier Private Walk Wade on the Gunnison River. These are great guided fly fishing options for the beginner to the most advanced angler and available daily throughout the season. Below is a break out of our top spring season destinations.

The Uncompahgre River (Pa-Co-Chu-Puk is the name of the public tailwater section) is one of those rivers you might not have heard of but should be on your list of top Colorado rivers to fly fish (Half Day or Full Day options available).

Throughout the early spring on the Uncompahgre River, you can also expect to be throwing dry flies to rising trout eating Blue Wing Olives and Midges. Nymphing is super effective in the early spring too, and depending on your location on the river, you can expect to fish with everything from Early Stones, Cased Caddis, Beatis & Midges.  What you can expect on this trip is the great opportunity to sight fish and nymph to fish that can be pushing the 30-inch mark!  From bluebird sunny days to snow, the average temperature this time of year is still from the mid 40’s to the mid 60’s – perfect conditions for fly fishing, with primetime on the water from 10 am to 3 pm!

Recommended Gear is a good 9ft. or 10ft. 4 or 5 weight rod, waders and boots and dressing in appropriate layers.  Paco is what the locals call the tailwater section of the Uncompahgre River, but the entire river fishes well between Town of Ridgway and Montrose and is a place that you need to experience.

The Gunnison River most often congers up thoughts of the famous Salmon Fly Hatch.  There is much more to this great river outside of the hatch.  RIGS offers several great options on the Gunnison River; both Walk Wade Trips and Float Fishing Trips.  On the walk/wade trip you are fishing the bottom end of the Gunnison Gorge.  You can expect to walk along the river for a couple of miles.  This is not a hard hike!  Early in the spring, you can expect to be nymphing most of the day until the Blue Wing Olives start to hatch.  Once the BWO are on the water you are fishing dries for the next few hours.  Just imagine the sight of hundreds of fish-eating dries, it’s a beautiful sight.

The Drift Boat Trip is hard to beat. You are floating a six-mile stretch of the Gunnison River that does not see much pressure.  You will have the opportunity to spend a lot of time fishing the prime runs on this stretch of river, not just getting one or two good casts into the best water.  You will most likely be swapping out your dry fly rods and your nymphing rods throughout the day.  Some runs are better fished with a nymphing set up or vise versa. You can expect to be catching both Brown and big Rainbow trout on this beautiful stretch of the Gunnison River.  The weather conditions you may face can again be anything, from sun to rain.  With temperatures, any were from the middle 40’s to the upper 60’s.  We again urge you to dress in layers for both the float and walk wade trips.  Gear you should bring a fast action 5 or 6 weight fly rod, waders, and boots.  Flies for both trips are included with the trip as well as lunch.

RIGS Fly Shop will have you covered for your early spring trip to Southwestern Colorado, and with Telluride, CO only forty-five minutes away, you can take a day off from Skiing and hit the river for a great day of fly fishing!  RIGS is the premier fly shop in Western Colorado and has everything you need to outfit your Spring Fly Fishing Trip. Flies are included on all RIGS trip and if you don’t have everything else, RIGS has top gear for you to rent.  Give us a call: 970-626-4460 or Book Online 24/7   See you on the water!