News from Trout Unlimited Colorado

Trout Unlimited Colorado is a great way to keep a pulse on the world of fishing and all things in protecting our precious rivers. This new announcement has exciting news for some of our favorite local rivers.

EPA, Corps proposes a new rule to protect water quality

Posted by David Nickum on March 25, 2014
The Environmental Protection Agency and US Army Corps of Engineers today announced a new proposed rule that would help ensure protection for many Colorado streams whose status – as protected or not protected under the Clean Water Act – has been in doubt since two troubling Supreme Court decisions upset long-standing definitions for what constituted “Waters of the United States”.  As many as 76,000 miles of stream in Colorado – 75% of our total, including most headwater areas – were facing an uncertain future.
We are in the process of reviewing the guidance, but it appears that most of these will be protected under the proposed rule.  Below is the notice we received from EPA’s regional office describing the proposal:  READ MORE HERE at Trout Unlimited