Trips worth a detour – Things to do after Telluride Bluegrass

It’s hot outside and Bluegrass is in the air, don’t miss this amazing opportunity to explore one of the prettiest parts of Colorado while you are here. Whether staying after the festival or just taking a break from the sun and heat, consider some fun things to do after Telluride Bluegrass like a half-day adventure to revive your senses and get out on the water.  Try something new or sneak in your favorite sport; from exceptional high-country fishing to a few hours on the lake with a stand-up paddleboard, we have you covered. Great trips depart from Ridgway,  just a stone’s throw away from Telluride. So when you start to feel overwhelmed by the crowds and the sun or want to stick around and explore this beautiful part of the state, head down the mountain for some great times on the water.

Trips Worth a Detour: