Adventure Vacations – Paddle Boarding makes for Great Family Fun

Paddle Boarding is worth a look, a try and some real-time

For several years we at RIGS have toyed with the paddleboard concept, but until this year it had not taken off as an offering through the shop. That has all changed. People are starting to try it on our regional reservoir and keep coming back.
Personally, at first, paddle boarding seems like something that was for people in much better shape than myself…but it still looked like fun. Once I gave paddle boarding a chance I was hooked. Although still intimidated by the river concept, I dove in and went on my first river trip on a class II section. After that trip, LOVE was the only way to describe the feeling! Here is how I started.

Like any sport Stand Up Paddle Boarding can be done without instruction. I started on flat water in the no-wake zone and then progressed out onto the main part of the reservoir for some waves from boats to challenge my balance.   However, I finally gave in and asked for help from Marisa Murphy our local paddleboard expert and RIGS guide. Though the basic concept is easy there are many things to gain in having an instructor. In 2 hours of SUP instruction, you will be guided on board balance and stances, different paddle stroke techniques and how to turn the board quickly. These skills are important for all paddleboard excursions on flat water, river, and ocean as well as windy weather.

Join our SUP Class and get a head start on a great water sport
. Your instructor will not only teach you the basics techniques to get out on the water with ease but discuss the different types of SUP boards, parts of the board and how this affects performance and stability.  As well as everything you will need to consider when going out on different bodies of water, safety considerations and what board might suit you best.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to try out paddleboarding on a beautiful body of water that offers several types of water situations to get you started on what I think will be a new love for an amazing water sport! ~ Heather Patterson