Full Day – Drift Boat Float Fishing – Gunnison River (Gunnison Gorge NCA)

RIGS now brings its unique blend of quality custom adventures to Guided Drift Boat fishing for the discerning angler. This Full-Day trip on a surprisingly secluded section of river is available each season when “run-off” subsides on the North Fork of the Gunnison River (typically July – November), as well as being the region’s only winter float fishing option. You can also choose to add this section to our 3-Day Gunnison Gorge trip, making it a continuous section of world class fishing for up to 5 days! Cast from the secure platform of a Drift Boat with excellent creature comforts including: *Secure Casting Platforms *Padded, High Back Seating *Dry Storage Boxes *Deployable Anchor System *Easy Access Multiple Rod Storage Enjoy professional service, riverside cuisine and quality equipment as we take you on a journey through miles of spectacular trout fishing with excellent hatches and seldom visited waters.