3 Day “DELUXE” – Float Fishing – Gunnison River (Gunnison Gorge NCA “Wilderness”)

The Deluxe Trip format is designed with one thing in mind: you. Our Deluxe Format provides a more intimate experience, with smaller client group sizes, additional amenities and services, and a dedicated gear boat allows for lighter rafts. With these upgrades, you get to spend more time exploring the pools and runs of the Gunnison River Gorge. Our gear boat goes ahead to set up camp and prepare for our arrival! Both you and your guide can now focus on fishing as there is no rush to set up camp. Why not chase big fish all day? World renowned for the “Stone Fly Hatch,” the “Gunny” also plays host to many other fine insect hatches making for a true bug factory. While the Gunnison River sees moderate use, the Gorge, because of it’s remote location and challenging access, receives the least angling pressure of all the floatable sections.