Fly Fishing Guide School

Fly Fishing Guide School – Float Fishing – Colorado State Certification Course

RIGS Float Fishing Guide School is an intensive seven-day course providing students the essential skills needed to become a professional float fishing guide.  In order to become a fully certified and employable float fishing guide in the State of Colorado, each student is required to meet Colorado’s minimum raft guide qualifications , conducted by qualified instructors certified as Guide Instructors with Colorado Parks & Wildlife via its River Outfitter Program. Click here for more information. Course starts May 18th 2017

Fly Fishing Walk Wade School

RIGS Walk Wade Fishing Guide School –  is an intensive three-day course that provides prospective fly fishing guides with classroom and on-the-water instruction to gain the skills necessary to become a well rounded and professional guide. While you don’t have to be an experienced angler to take this course, a basic understanding of fly fishing is required. RIGS has been training quality fly fishing, float fishing and whitewater guides since 2001. Our proximity to a diversity of waters is what makes our guides so versatile. We have access to a multitude of waters including technical tailwaters, remote float fishing sections, freestone rivers and high alpine streams. In addition to great resources, we pride ourselves on exploring the diversity that fly fishing has to offer. Participating in RIGS Walk Wade Guide training will give you a versatile foundation to begin your career! Click here for more information. Course starts May 15th 2017

Colorado State River Raft Guide Training and Certification Course

RIGS has offered its Colorado State River Raft Guide Training and Certification Course since 2002 and provides the most extensive river guide training, with the highest level of certification, available in the region. Your instructors have been training top quality river guides since 1991, and look forward to sharing their experience with you. Your Lead Instructor for this course is RIGS Owner, Tim Patterson. Tim has 20+ years of experience training Professional River Guides and has worked commercially on the Arkansas River, Gunnison River, Colorado River (Grand Canyon), Salt and Verde Rivers, as well as several rivers throughout Guatemala – C.A.  Several additional RIGS Certified Guide Instructors will join us throughout the course providing a diverse level of skill, technique and experience. Learn from working raft guides what it means to become a proficient raft guide yourself. This experience is invaluable whether you are interested in becoming a commercial raft guide, or are just looking to increase your skills for recreational purposes. The safety of you, your passengers, and those around you should always be a consideration when you get on a river.   Click here for more info. Course starts May 18th 2017