Shuttle Driver

FT & PT, May – September. Clean Driving Record Required. Pay dependent on availability and experience.

Kayak Instructor

FT, PT, May- September, Trip Leader needed for inflatable kayak day trips. May combine with Rafting Guide position. Prior Experience Necessary.

Fly Fishing Guide

FT, PT, May-September, instruct anglers on regional waters, great pay/fun Prior Experience Necessary.

River Rafting Guide

  • FT & PT Available, May-August. Great pay & fun work environment.
  • Guide Training available, if not Currently Certified
  • Review Training Dates and Confirm Online, Pre-registration required.
  • Includes: Colorado State River Guide Certification, First-Aid & CPR.
  • Pay for performance - ROL minimum qualifications - Training schedule
  • JOB DESCRIPTION: Guiding a raft with clients:
  • Assess clients, read type of people and constantly assessing them for nervousness, ability, strength/weakness, physical, medical conditions.
  • Lead, inspire, and instill confidence.
  • Interact with clients.
  • Show interest in clients, communicate with clients, informing on and off the river.
  • Manage time and trip to ensure boats/people are off the river (before dark), within company schedule requirements.
  • Read body language, assess state-of-mind of clients.
  • Manage group behavior, so that it is appropriate to activity. (safety, briefing, prevention)
  • Instruct general rafting skills to clients both on and off the water:
  • Use verbal and visual demonstrations, so that the guide is confident that clients can understand and follow instructions on the water.
  • Demonstrate paddle strokes (forward, back, stop, rest)
  • Demonstrate control of raft (turns, weight distribution, crew position, sitting in raft)
  • Explain safety instructions (foot entrapment, flipping, wrap)
  • Demonstrate and explain self-rescue skills (swimming in whitewater position, throw bag rescue, extended paddle rescue, getting back into the raft)
  • Maintain safety of raft and equipment:
  • Ensure safety equipment is carried and used according to company operating procedures (helmets, wet sox,, wetsuits, PFD, throw bag, repair kit, pump)
  • Know how to maintain, care for, and inflate raft.
  • Know exit/access points on the river for getting on and off the river, as per company’s emergency procedures.
  • Know river signals. (hand, paddle, whistle)
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of company and personal raft guide safety equipment (throw bag, karabiner, pulley, knife, flip rope, whistle, prussic)
  • Follow company procedures for storing and placement of safety equipment on raft (spare paddles)
  • Demonstrate river rescue skills:
  • Pre-requisite skills include river-crossing skills, rafting skills, knowledge of ropes and knots, life saving skills (approaching a panicked person), river confidence. Additional skills include the following:
  • oPerform self-rescue; demonstrate water confidence on Class III water.
  • Correct a flip.
  • Set up a system to unwrap a raft. This may include working with static ropes, knots, anchors, pulley system (z-drag), knowledge of ropes and what they are used for; advantages and disadvantages.
  • Throw a throw bag to a client (from bank/ from raft). This may include retrieving a person, throwing accurately, informing person in water, , knowing when and when not to use it, making assessment about river conditions, clients' ability and condition, potential hazards (strainers, state of river bank, keeping self safe)
  • Apply river rescue skills to rivers on which company operates.
  • Prioritize actions and manage a river rescue; people & equipment
  • Demonstrate river swimming skills. This includes: rescuing people, swimming from one side of the river to another, using current and eddies, avoiding hazards (foot entrapments, strainer, sweeper), assisting people who are stuck.