Tenkara Fishing

Tenkara fishing continues to be a growing passion for our staff and clients alike and RIGS intends to be on the cutting edge of spreading the gospel of Tenkara as a highly effective tool in the right situations.

Per my observation, many anglers (Tenkara junkies as well) seem to have a difficult time living between two worlds;  Western Fly angling vs. Tenkara.   For me, there is no choice – as it starts with fishing is fun – period.  Much like a set of golf clubs, there is a tool for each occasion and you have a choice, not one or another.  Meaning – sure, you could play the course with just one club, but that would defeat the purpose of using the right tool for the right occasion.  And let me tell you, when you are picking apart the waters of a crystal clear steep gradient creek in Colorado pocked with micro pools and tight lies – Tenkara is that tool. Ever see someone western fly fishing this kind of water with their arm outstretched over over the water, desperately trying to keep their fly line off the water to try and buy those precious extra few seconds to create the perfect drift? Yeah, that was me before Tenkara. Now my arm is close to the body,  relaxed and I accomplish the same thing much easier and more effective – its a no brainer. Just as I’m not going to take my Tenkara rod down in the Gunnison Gorge on a float fishing trip and stack up the perfect drift – I’ll take my 6wt please. – Tim Patterson