Sage ONE

We have fish hundreds of fly rods over the past 20 plus years and we can honestly say the new Sage ONE is the best to date.  RIGS had Nick Gibb in the shop yesterday, explaining the science about the new Konnetic Technology.  “Nick Gibb and Van Rollo are the Colorado Sage Reps.”  The Sage ONE and the new Sage ESN “European Style Nymphing” are the only two rod’s for the time being on the planet to use Sage’s new Technology.  Instead of the high modulus carbon fibers spiraling during the manufacturing process, Sage’s Konnetic Technology uses Advanced Modulus Positioning, which means the carbon fibers run straight through the entire blank, meaning more focused energy transfers throughout the entire rod blank, resulting in very little sideways cast deflection due to wasted lateral movement.   This also means less resin in the blank which makes it incredibly light.  What all of this means is you have a rod that is lighter, stronger, more responsive, more durable and the most accurate rod in the world.  Check out the new Sage ONE, ESN and many other Sage rods in our on-line store.