Rafting Season is Here!

After two years of drought in most of Colorado, Mother Nature has delivered an epic snow pack. The sight of milk chocolate rivers means snow high in the mountains is melting and that gets us excited to get on the water and experience rivers that are not raftable year around. Warmer days and good snow pack translates to one of the best rafting seasons we have seen in a while. So if the question is when to raft – we say right now! May and June are traditionally the true rafting months with rivers below a dam lasting well into August. With July and August being the traditional time for travelers to hit the road in search of adventure and fun, many miss this amazing time of year with less people and some of the most exhilarating rafting experiences on rivers.

Raft guides explain the essentials of having a good time on the water.

Raft guides explain the essentials of having a good time on the water.

Right now in Southwest Colorado it is prime time for rafting the San Miguel, Uncompahgre and Gunnison Rivers. Whether looking for a fun afternoon on the water with friends and family or an exiting multi-day excursion down one of the most prized sections of river in the state, the Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area, RIGS is ready to get you out.

Why not take advantage of less people, peak adventure and quiet mountain towns before most travelers head on vacation? Plus, look for our early season discounts at the end of this blog!


Here is a break down of some things to think about as you plan for your rafting adventure-

1) Not all rivers are the same. Rivers vary dramatically and can offer a variety of experiences and thrill levels. Make sure to have your outfitter explain the type of river you will be experiencing, what is physically expected of you as a participant and how long it will take in transportation before you get on the water.

2) You are an essential part of your experience. It is important to remember, raft trips are not like amusement park rides. You should know how to swim, that you are going to get wet and will usually need to participate. But that is half the fun! You will learn from your professional guide to listen to river commands, stay alert and be ready for anything. Being active is part of what makes rafting such a unique adventure.

Rafting on the San Miguel River outside of Telluride Colorado

Rafting on the San Miguel River outside of Telluride Colorado

3) Your raft guide is there to make sure you are having fun as well as staying safe; sometimes it may be difficult to tell but rafting is a true skill (they make it look so easy) and not everyone can do it safely. Like a waitress at the end of your meal, if you have had a good time, take care of your guide at the end of your trip – they work really hard to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable trip!

RIGS is ready to get you on the river. Are you ready for an experience that will make you laugh, take in a view you would otherwise not know and feel better than when you started? You might even get a little work out!

Join us now for some rafting fun and get 10% OFF when you book online before June 25th. Good for rafting and kayak trips from May 30th to  June 30th. Use code SBBO-10 when booking your trip at www.fishrigs.com.

See you on the water!