Pink Cahill Hatch at Paco

August into September on the Uncompahgre River makes for great fishing at Pa-Co-Chu-Puk. The Pink Cahill hatch is on at Paco and has to be the funnest time of year to fish at Paco. This is one of the most consistent hatches we have ever come across. On bright sunny days the hatch is thicker, a lot more bugs on the water, so fish a larger size 14 Hackle Stacker Pink Cahill with a smaller 16 or size 18 twenty inches behind the 14. The Drake hatch is starting at around 10 a.m. From sunrise to 1 p.m.you can fish smaller Midges and Beatis nymphs below an indicator. You will want these nymphs to be on the bottom of the river. Then the Pink Cahill’s start to come off at 1 p.m. every day.  Fishing Green Drakes in the morning and Pink Cahill’s all after noon cannot be beat.  RIGS is just around the corner from Paco, so don’t forget to stop by and give us your fish report!