Floating tenkara line with Hi-Viz

RIGS introduces two new hand tied tenkara lines. The 14 ft Hand tied Multicolored Hi-Viz Level line with a Tippet Ring; a perfect line for nymphing with a tenkara rod.  This Line is a #3.5 and is amazing for nymphing or Czech nymphing on an ITO, AYU, or IWANA.  The Tippet Ring that comes on the line makes it easy and quick to attach your tippet.  The Multicolored sections make depth control a breeze, when nymphing and Czech nymphing.

We are excited to be the first to offer a Floating tenkara line 12 ft with a Hi-Viz section for an indicator.  Our line is ideal for any of the Tenkara USA rod with a 6:4 ratio or higher.  The New Floating Tenkara Line with Hi-Viz will lay out better than any Level line out there; great for windy conditions and loads the rod very nicely.   We have added a braided loop to the line and a tippet ring attached to the indicator section for easier rigging.

NEW*** We now offer a floating tenkara line with a 10.5 ft section for tighter stream conditions!