Colorado River Rafting 2012

Rafting in 2012, a mainstay in Colorado, has been hit hard by low snow pack. However, that does not mean that rafting is done. Though the  type of rafting is different there are still opportunities to get out on the water. This is also a great year to get acquainted with Inflatable Kayaks  and Stand Up Paddle Boards with a guide! Great press has let people know this year will be drastically different than last year; that safe and fun waters (perfect for families) are available and we feel lucky to still have options for our customers.  RIGS has two river sections available for some family fun and a great body of water, just minutes away for beginners to start learning Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Plus, there is nothing like River Tubing on a hot summer day.

RIGS offers a relaxing day to enjoy a 7 mile paddle on the scenic Class I-II rapids of the Lower Gunnison River.  This river offers sections of fun splashy waves and plenty of fun for the whole family.  A U.S. National Conservation Area, managed by BLM, with excellent opportunities for solitude, wildlife and classic river exploration. The ideal trip for everyone to experience a gem of a western river, while keeping it short, sweet and accessible to kids of all ages.

Choose from tandem or single Inflatable Kayaks (Duckies) or Rafts (Oar or Paddle) – all Guide supported. Along the way, we can stop to view ancient Native American Rock Art on desert canyon walls, take a dip in the refreshingly cool clear river or just relax in the shade of giant cottonwood trees along the banks of the lower Gunnison River. Safe fun in the sun for everyone!  *This trip has great river flows all summer long!