Big fish on Tenkara

RIGS Fly Shop is Colorado’s first and only Tenkara dealer. We have been fishing and selling Tenkara rods for three years now. The number one question people ask me in the shop is “What is this?”. The next thing people always say to me is that these rods can’t handle the big fish they catch. My answer to that is always, Tenkara is not about catching huge fish but a style or method of catching fish; simplicity is the wonderful thing about Tenkara and all they need is the rod, line, and a fly. To all of the people that have told me that Tenkara rods can’t handle big fish you are wrong. The rods and style of fishing my not be made for it, but it can be done and is very effective at controlling the power of larger fish. A few days ago I was guiding a Tenkara only trip (offered by RIGS) and was demonstrating different Tenkara techniques and hooked a 20″ Snake River Cutthroat. I hooked the fish on a 13′ AYU. The AYU has the softest action out of all six Tenkara USA rods, yet handled the fish with ease. – Matt McCannel (Tenkara Network Guide)