Jeff McKenna – Fly Fishing Guide / Gunnison Gorge

My first fishing experiences go back to chasing fish with my Dad and Grandpa in both Illinois and Wisconsin and for that I’ll ever be grateful for getting the chance to share fishing memories with both of them. Growing up I played a ton of soccer which eventually took me to West Virginia University for […]
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Tom Dillon (Rafting)

Tom spent most of his young life out on the water, fostering a great love for nature. Now that he lives in Colorado, his love for the outdoors is stronger than ever. Tom is very excited to guide for RIGS and looks forward to spending every day outside and on the river!

Jason Moshonas (Fly Shop)

Jason grew up in Chester, NJ, mainly fishing local stillwaters for Bass. After attending school in Boulder, CO in the late 1980’s, he fell in love with cold water fishing. Recently returning from California, he now resides in and happily fishes the waters of Southwest Colorado. Jason works in our Full Service Fly Shop, providing […]
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Chance Harris (Fly Fishing/Rafting)

Chance grew up in the country of Southern Idaho working on a ranch, where he was introduced to hunting and fishing at an early age. At the age of 20 he came to Colorado and fell in love with the mountains and rivers. Chance’s passion for fishing became an obsession, which led him to the […]
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Garrett Erskine (Fly Fishing)

A fish at heart, Garrett lives for deep sea fishing, diving, and chasing trout. Over the last 20 years of “chasing that pig in the next riffle, log jam, cliff wall, or undercut bank,” Garrett’s passion for fishing has only grown stronger. Always striving for what’s bigger and better, fish fever pushes his pursuit of […]
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